Joe Wicks’s Hangover Cure


For those that don’t know, Joe “the bodycoach” Wicks is kind of a big deal. He’s the online nutrition coach behind the hugely popular “Lean in 15” book – the latest edition came out this month.

In case you’ve still got no idea, Joe’s the guy on those Instagram clips screaming in his Surrey accent, “Slab of salmon, salt and pepper, knob of butter, midget trees…”

As the summer approaches, you’ll no doubt be getting on it devouring every beer and BBQ in sight. With that in mind, we caught up with Joe to ask him mainly about drinking…

You’ve inspired a lot of people to become leaner and healthier, but who inspires you? We’re thinking Bruce Lee…

Haha – no most people say Jon Snow, not the newsreader, the Game of Thrones dude. I don’t think any one person inspired me, although I’ve always admired people like Jamie Oliver and Richard Branson.

We’ve invented a time machine, which celebrity, dead or alive, would you love to train and why?

You know what, it’s a myth that I’m a celebrity trainer – I have never ever trained a celebrity!

Just answer the question Joe…

If I could pick anyone to train, it would be Alan Carr, not because he needs training, but because he’d be a right laugh and he makes random cocktails doesn’t he, so we could have a laugh then get a bit boozy together.

One question that regularly popped up from our readers was what supplements you take, if any, pre and post workout?

I do take supplements, but I always say that it’s optional. If you want to supercharge your workout then vitamin or protein supplements can help, but it’s not essential at all and loads of people get great results without them.

Fair enough. We’ve heard that you only drink alcohol twice a month. Let’s say, you’re on a big night out; it’s going to be a heavy one, what’s your plan tipple-wise?

Yeah I only drink a couple of times a month – I like going out for a really nice meal with some cocktails and then onto a club for a few G&T’s and a bit of dancing.

Not quite The Hangover itinerary we had in mind but in any case, to soak up those G&T’s, you find yourself on a street full of takeaways, where are you heading and what for?

I don’t really do the boozy takeaway thing. For me, having the booze is a blowout in itself. Mind you, if Nando’s was 24 hour, then I’d probably end up in there rinsing it!

Is there a particular brutal hangover that always springs to mind?

There was a morning in LA earlier this year, where my mates and me had a house party the night before.

Go on.

The next morning I was feeling pretty delicate, I had to do some work calls and was lying on a sun lounger looking rough as – I face timed one of my team who just laughed at state of me.

Dear oh dear. We’re trying to think of a question about drinking and one night stands, but is any kind of exercise good to process the alcohol?

Hahaha – I know everyone is going to hate me for this, but the best hangover cure is a workout! It’s the last thing you want to do, but it totally fixes everything.

Slightly disappointed there. You’ve said you don’t use social media on a night out, is that because you’ve had a bad experience posting drunken photos?

I spend so much time on social media and put a lot of my life on it, so when I’m out with friends, I really want to be ‘present’, so I put my phone away and enjoy the company that I’m in. Plus, doing social media when a bit tipsy is never a good idea is it.

No it’s not. We hear you. So, you’ve been a bit irresponsible and got yourself in a sorry state the next day…what are the go-to foods you rely on to bring you back from the dead?

I do a workout, a 20 minute HIIT session and then follow it with a carb meal – which means I can have burger, or a curry and rice. That always fixes me.

Finally, Joe, we need to know how you keep your hair so soft.

Haha – I’ve been asked that so much recently. I only wash my hair about twice a week, the dirtier it gets the better it looks. I use Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo.

This article first appeared on LADBIBLE