“The Donald” Vs “Crooked Hillary”


Those names sound like two cartoon characters about to do battle on the edge of a desert cliff…What’s up, Doc?

Unfortunately, “The Donald” and “Crooked Hillary” are fighting for the most important role on earth. The UK, along with the rest of the globe, is obsessed with the race, but why?

Never in the history of the United States Presidential Election have there been two candidates so completely opposite to one another: Donald J. Trump the lying, aggressive, spray-tanned bully, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton the painfully corporate do-gooder with a questionable political resume.


Following the European Referendum result, Trump said the UK would be first in line to do business before the rest of the EU. On the other hand Obama – Clinton’s brother from another mother – said the UK would be at the back of the queue if they chose to leave.

It’s all very confusing and petty and that’s probably what we love about an election that’s unfolding like a reality TV show – Clinton wants to be powerful, Trump wants to be popular. Take “The Donald” for starters. The bloated supposed billionaire is the only presidential candidate in four decades not to release his tax returns. Yet it’s his marketing techniques that have overshadowed his crumbling personal wealth.

In his popular 1987 book “The Art of The Deal” he states, “The way I promote is bravado, I play to people’s fantasies. A little hyperbole never hurts.” He’s publicly said that his own book is his second favourite after…you guessed it…The Bible. ‘Nothing beats the Bible! Not even ‘The Art of The Deal’. Not even close.’

Don’t forget, this man – who boasted, “When you’re a star you can do anything [to women]…grab them by the p***y” – may one day have his finger over the little red button. Fortunately, Brexit champion Nigel Farage leapt to his defence calling the comments an “extreme act of alpha male boasting.”

©David Becker/REUTERS

And now for Hillary: a woman who deleted 31,000 personal and private emails with no believable explanation and changes her beliefs depending on the audience – take same-sex marriage for example. Both feel more like political brands than human beings.

One thing is for certain though; the two candidates do appear to have a genuine disdain for each other. Clinton has said, “You can put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” Trump has said Clinton is “a nasty woman” who doesn’t have the “fortitude, strength or stamina” to be president.

With many US citizens believing the whole political system is broken they see “Crooked Hillary” as the lesser of two evils. The uncool aunt that stands out at the family get-together can at least be trusted to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

Come November 8th, the people of America get to choose who’s fired and who’s hired for the White House. The smart money is on Hillary. In the end, it may be another case of Farage and vote leave. Many Americans may say they’re for Hillary, but in the voting booth they’ll tick Trump.

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